SPOILER ALERT ! Pretty Little Liars Season 5


I feel so bamboozled.

Shonda Rimes got me again.


I was expecting to have my heart crushed and my MINDBLOWN by this season finale. So I guess I should be grateful that I only feel stupid and bamboozled.

Papa Pope.
Papa Pope.
You ain’t a lair that’s for sure.

“Come hell and high water.” Yup. That’s you.

You’re getting on that plane.” Yea you made that happen.

“He took my child. So I took his.”

Welp. Yes. That happened too. Smh

There’s that.

I was not expecting Sally to win so I knew Fitz was going to win re-election. Mostly because I honestly can’t even picture the shows dynamic if Fitz wasn’t in office. (I could if Millie was running but clearly that’s not an option this go around.) But how the heck do you come back from a religious woman Vice President who was justinvolved in a bomb scare and instead of running, went out to the wreckage to “Be Jesus.”

Your son dies is murder in the middle of a public concession speech. That’s how.

Now you can not tell me your jaw didn’t drop and/or were you screaming WTF?! Little Jerry wasn’t a main character but he nailed it every time he showed up. Way better than his sister. I’m sad to see him go. And I can’t believe Tom’s the one who did it!
However him being the secret B613 agent in the Secret Service was actually genius. But dang homie. You killed a kid. All at the request of Papa Pope. Who has been playing us this whole time.

I should’ve known.

We thought he actually cared about mending things with Liv when he offered to help shut down B613.


We thought he was having a moment of compassion with Fitz, when he offered to capture & kill his own ex wife for what she did to his child.


She didn’t even do it. He did!

He shut down B613 so Jake was out. He killed Little Jerry so Fitz had a reason to reinstate him as Command. He swindled his way back into the office he always wanted and no one even gave him a second look.

Too bad Harrison’s the only one that knows this.

We were bamboozled and now I feel dumb. Shonda told us straight up at the beginning. “Liv is getting on that plane.”

And get in that plane she did. With Jake I might add. Into the sunlight.


Fitz is on the floor of the Oval Office needing her. Harrison might be dead at the hands of Papa Pope ( via Tom). Papa Pope didn’t kill Mama Pope because of course that’d be too easy. And Huck just reached out to his old family. Now we all know there’s no way that situation is going to end with unicorns and rainbows.

So even thought Kerry Washington is pregnant there’s no way Olivia Pope isn’t coming back to handle ALL of this. Abby might step in for a quick second but no matter how much Liv thinks she’s the Scandal and she’s what needs to be handled, she can’t leave her associates and The Leader of The Free World out to dry.

There have definitely been more heart stopping, jaw dropping, mind blowing, gut wrenching episodes but this finale setup an amazing season 4. Plus I’ll give them a break since Kerry is preggo and the season was cut short.

In conclusion, I think @tvTaylor_ said it best ” At least Quinn got laid”

So hit me with your thoughts on Scandal season 3 Finale! What was you favorite part? Are you disappointed or just psyched for season 4?

Edit: I just wrote this whole thing without mentioning that Liv let the cat out of the bag to Fitz about Millie’s secret. That was huge. We’ve been waiting for it since we found out, but I forgot and couldn’t even dwell on it because it happened in the first 25 minutes and SO MUCH happened after that. This episode was a whirlwind and as I always say Shonda is an Evil Genius. She hurts you and makes you like it. Moments you think are game-changers pale in comparison to the curveballs you don’t even see coming.

Evil. Genius.

Being Human – “Rewind, Rewind….”

Best episode in a long time.

I’m not always a fan of flashbacks but this was great. Sally saving herself was inevitable, and I was scared to see how they get out of it but now I’m super excited. 

As per usual in time alerting events, Sally saving herself didn’t just effect her but everyone around her. Her best friend was killed by her abusive fiance ( since she was hysterical and called the cops, I’m surprised she didn’t bring Aiden to find her ghost so she could apologize or even say goodbye, maybe see if she got her door. That just seems like something Sally, who’s always trying to fix things, would do, but that would probably be an episode in itself and that is the least of her worries.)  The first girl Aiden ate in his ‘fall from grace’ was saved, Aiden and Josh don’t become besties, Josh and Nora don’t date, nevermind get hitched, thus he doesn’t turn her, and last but not least the whole Aiden & Sally thing was addressed. (I only recently picked up on it so I’m not a huge fan it happened but it added to the madness is such a great way.)

As much as people hate the bad and complicated and unfortunate parts of life, they make us who we are and that was basically the whole episode. 

I loved how hard Sally tried to bring everything together. Waiting 6 months for the boys to develop their friendship and test the whole “moving in together and try to live normal lives” thing. She didn’t paint the house and tried to hook up Josh and Nora. She stopped Aiden from falling under Bishop’s reign again, and even called out Marcus for being in with the Amish. All of that, including picking out the same table that had in the other version of their lives was cute, but c’mon. In typical Sally fashion, somehow she thought it could all be just that nice and neat and easy.

Aiden and Sally dating was not only weird, but it didn’t allow for all the bad stuff to happen which bonded Josh and Aiden in the first place. As much as Josh loves Nora, it’s easy to forget that he did this to her and if he had a choice he would not choose to scratch her; he wouldn’t take away her chance to live a normal life. Josh scratching Sally instead was a little strange. First, she knew that’s exactly how it happened to Nora, so she should not have gone that far into the basement with him. Secondly, I don’t really get how its relevant to the story besides the fact it gave Josh snd Sally something to bond over, seeing as how she’s spending most of her time with Aiden, but that didn’t even last. Without Nora, josh inevitably becomes the third wheel.

Josh eventually realizes he’s not getting the ‘normal life’ he was searching for and leaves. Aiden then tells Sally he doesn’t feel guilty, and Sally finally realizes that everything she’s done to give them the life she had known, hasn’t worked and it has changed Aiden. He isn’t the man she loved because that Aiden wouldn’t give up on Josh, he would want a “normal life” for him and he would indeed feel guilty. I thought thay realization moment for Sally was super powerful. ( Not in the acting or even the writing, just the idea that, her plan failed. Trying to change and fix and avoid all the bad things that happened changes who they had become.)

However, I enjoyed the fact it didn’t change how she died, just when.  That is what reignited my excitement for the show. Did they just reinvent the whole show? Will she be a ghost in this new reality? Will she jump back to then old one? Will it be with all these new memories? Is she going to get the magic back ? 

So *snaps* to Casey Fisher who wrote the episode, because this episode was certainly on a Season Finale type of calibar. If not a season finale, then you would think it was a milestone episode, like their 50th, but that’s still 3 episodes away.

So what did you think? Did you love it as much as I did?

Why I Loved This Week’s Episode of Girls More Than All The Others

“SATC did remind me of times where my friends and I were having the best experiences… However, Girls talks about the times on the flip-side of the coin when it isn’t all so perfect.”

Literally, this is as factual as it can be.

SATC was a different time, when we didn’t share it all. That’s why Girls is such a hit now, because we can. And it’s real.

It’s relatable rather than envious.

TV Schedule

I’ve have been seriously slacking.

Between falling asleep earlier due to my temp job, the Olympics being on, and me not knowing when my shows come back from Winter Break, I haven’t watched anything on time.

I also felt like nothing was on because Scandal and Once Upon A Time basically aren’t coming back until March.

So to keep me on track for the rest of the season I’m putting up a schedule. So at the very least if I fall asleep early, I know what I need to watch the next day.


8 p.m Hart of Dixie (CW)

9 p.m Being Human (Syfy)

9 p.m Sleepy Hollow *(FOX)

9 p.m 2 Broke Girls (CBS)

9 p.m The Following (FOX)

10 p.m Castle (ABC)

10 p.m The Blacklist (NBC)

10 p.m Lost Girl (Syfy)


8 p.m The Originals (CW)

8 p.m Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family)

8 p.m NCIS (CBS)

9 p.m New Girl

9:30 p.m The Mindy Project

10 p.m Chicago Fire (NBC)


10 p.m Nashville (ABC)


8 p.m The Vampire Diaries (CW)

8 p.m The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

9 p.m Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

9 p.m Glee

10 p.m Scandal (ABC)


8 p.m The Carrie Diaries (CW)


8 p.m Once Upon a Time (ABC)

9 p.m Revenge (ABC)

10 p.m Girls (HBO)

10:30 p.m Looking (HBO)

* = Season Finale already aired

Bold = Priority


HBO’s Looking is basically the gay boy version of Girls and that’s probably why I adore it.

It’s three guys instead of 4 girls.

They’re in San Fran rather than NYC.

And everyone’s gay.

I love it.

Relationships are relationships, sex is sex, and love is love no matter what’s between your legs. Plus it’s not just about the romantics, it’s about friendship and discovering yourself and a bunch of other shit a post grad like myself can relate to.

The San Fran backdrop is also a great bonus. It’s super pretty and looks like a ton of fun. Tourism is totally going to skyrocket.

As for the characters, i’m exciting to see where they all go, because they’re all at different stages in their lives. But I’m really all about Jonathan Groff’s character. He’s nothing like his character from Glee and that’s a such a good thing. I never saw Spring Awakening so this gives me a way to appreciate his range of acting.

Obviously, I’m dying for Lea Michele to make a cameo. She can be that girl who ropes him into pretending to be her boyfriend to hid some random creep. Or she can be an ex-girlfriend from his childhood who he came out too. As long as there’s a scene of them doing karaoke it’ll be fine for me.

Also, can we talk about his new British boss for a sec? “He’s the white version of Will Smith” & I’m totally okay with that.  The accent, the ears, the pretending to be an asshole, is just all perfect. I hope they hook up.

Critics say the show is slow and the characters are unrelatable. I agree that the plot can be slow, but that’s realistic to life and if anything I think the characters are overly  relateable. No one has it all together in all areas of their life but you kind of want characters to figure it out quicker than you would, so you have something to aspire to. A leading light if you will.

Anywhozier, the exec’s at HBO are geniuses. First Girls, now Looking, I think they sure as hell know how to tap into a target audience.

Looking airs on Sundays at 10:30pm.

Are you watching Looking? Love it or Hate it? Is having a predominately all gay cast a good or bad move?

Drop your thoughts in the comments!

Orange is the New Black

I keep saying Orphan is the New Black because of my love for Orphan Black but I finally binged watched Orange Is The New Black and boy oh boy do I understand the hype. Whoever pitched this to Netflix is smart as hell and whoever at Netflix agreed is a genius. It funny and emotional and has bunch of gays and blacks so minority wins. 😉

The writing’s good too. Well to me anyway. I’m no screenwriter, and I’m easily amused, but all those conversations they have seem real. I guess that all must come form the fact its based off Piper’s real life and she EP’s the show. So kudos to her. I can’t pick a favorite character because they’re all evil and perfect in their own way. Maybe that’s a bad thing for the actors because I don’t believe any of their characters to be criminals.

Okay from here on out it’s going to be SPOILER city. So if you don’t have the time to watch and/or don’t want to but want to know what all the hypes about, keep on keepin’ on. But if you haven’t watched and plan too, bye. Have a nice day 🙂 

I’ve never been to jail so I have no idea how accurately its being portrayed but either way it scares the hell out of me. I know guards like Mendez must exist out there somewhere and that’s honestly the saddest part about it. Otherwise, those showers, that food, and lack of sunlight and fresh air would drive me nuts. I’d probably develop a lesbian relationship too. I get criminals don’t deserve comfort and I’m okay with that, but if I take anything away form this show it’s that I ain’t made jail.

Piper doesn’t seem made for jail either….until the last scene of season 1, but that’s another story. She comes in there, like a little privileged, delicate flower who always gets her way , and let’s just say she’s in for a rude awakening. That girl from Crossroads (who looks freakishly tiny btw) actually and literally is trying to kill her. Piper should have left her butt locked up with the crazies. She is nuts. Everyone there’s a little nuts but she makes religious freaks look crazier than murders. 

I appreciate the background stories in each episode so much. Having the transgender actress’ real life twin brother play her pre-op was incredible. I had to Google, what that was all about because they looked so much alike. What that actress is doing is so brave. I’m sure shes getting a ton of slack but she’s the first actual transgender actress I’ve seen on a hit show (unless there’s one out there I don’t know about who’s hormones are doing wonders) and that’s a huge deal. So mucho snaps for her.

The other background story that got me was Trish’s. I hate hate hate that her character is gone. Before I even knew about her little black book of debt, I adored her spirit. I knew Merci was going to dumb her when she got out and hoped that wouldn’t crush her but the weight of her own actions just got to her and that’s the saddest part. Loosing your family, your girfriend and your crutch is a lot to deal with so I get it, but dang that character had so much potential.

The Spanish and the Black cliques are just pure entertainment. But I really like Daya’s story with the security officer and how it got her mom to act like a mom for once. How they explain this baby though is going to be beyond me. Every good idea I think they come up with gets shut down! smh. 

I really enjoyed the scene with Tastee and the bald one. The fact people do things to go to jail is real. They have clothes and food and shelter there. Everyone they know is in jail, doing something to get in jail, or too broke to help, so it’s easier for them to just be in jail. That’s really sad too.

All in all this show is a definite must watch. Even if you don’t get hooked, and you get past the longest and most annoying opening credits, you have to experience the craziness yourself.